RiverGrace International Hong Kong Evangelical Church


Senior Pastor

Pastor Tommy Hui

Advisory Pastor

Rev. David Aufrance

Other pastors

Pastor Cindy and Pastor Irma

RiverGrace History

RiverGrace International Christian Fellowship started as the English Department in HKEC Yan Yue Church in 2011, with a handful of people. The thoughts initially were not necessarily to plant a church, but to reach out and minister to ethnic minorities, or Hongkongers who had the same vision. God has brought people from over 2-dozen different countries to RiverGrace since 2011. Many of these people are in Hong Kong for only a short time. 

In October 2017, we became the 21st HKEC church in Hong Kong. We also moved our worship service and activities to United Christian College. We are seeking God’s direction how to impact our new community. We want to reach out to UCC students and parents where English might be an attraction; having a coffee corner where people/students from the community can come, enjoy a drink or snack, and make new friends. As God provides manpower, we will also consider other ministries, like having special interest or language classes for reaching out to international students in City U.

Though we have to say many farewell prayers in our international church, it fits our vision… “To invite, empower, train and send people of many nations to be ambassadors of Christ.” We not only invite people to accept and follow Jesus, we also emphasize training. We train them to share their faith, lead Bible Studies, and disciple others. The enables them to not only serve RiverGrace, but when they return to their homeland or are resettled in another country, they have the tools they need to serve the Lord, to start and lead Bible studies, or even to plant churches.

We also emphasize having a family atmosphere. Many that attend RiverGrace do not have other family members in Hong Kong. As family members, we encourage everyone to serve in some way according to their spiritual gifts and abilities. 

At present we have nine different Connect Group, : 1 in English, 2 in Cantonese, 4 in Tagalog and 1 in Spanish. In April, 2018 we began having a Spanish-speaking worship service once a month. We provide translation for our English services into Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin if needed. 

Most of the Spanish speakers are ethnic Chinese, who have returned to Hong Kong from Venezuela due to the difficulties facing that country. As there are no Spanish-speaking churches in Hong Kong, we feel God has opened up the door for us to serve this group of people.

We are grateful for our pastoral team, which includes Dave and Cindy Aufrance, Pastor Tommy Hui and Sister Irma who helps shepherd the Filipina sisters. Pleases keep us in your prayers as we move toward the future. Pray that RiverGrace can be all God intends it to be as a catalyst for missions, whether local or overseas.

Hong Kong Evangelical Church Statement of Faith

We Believe


1. The Bible is inspired by God and is our highest authority for both faith and practice.

2. Our God is one eternal Triune God in three persons, Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit.

3. Jesus Christ, conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin, is fully divine, fully human and without sin.  Christ died on the cross for sinners, was buried,on the third day he arose from the dead, ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God.  Christ will return in power and glory to judge and rule the earth. Those who are saved will arise to eternal life while those who are lost will arise to eternal punishment.

4. The Holy Spirit is one of the Three Persons of the Trinity, whose work is to convict men of sin, reveal the truth of Christ to the world, causes men to be born again through justification by faith and be sanctified and empowered to live a Holy Life and serve the Christ.

5. God created man in his own image. Man rebelled against God’s law, sinned, fell; his spiritual image was corrupted so that he needed to be born again.

6. Man is saved by grace through faith. The grace of God is made available through the redemption of Christ, the substitutionary shedding of his blood in death on the cross. Man must confess his sin, repent, receive Christ as Savior and be reconciled with God. 

7. All who are believers in the Church of Christ are united in one spirit. Through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit we pray for one another. The prayer of faith will be answered.